Life After Death

She gasped and spun around.

He was standing so close it was unnerving, but she couldn’t tear herself away from the gaze of his ice-gray eyes. He was dressed in a black suit, complete with tie. Even his hair was a deep shade of black, cut shaggily across his forehead.

“Who are you?” she yelled. “What’s happening?!

He pointed to the car just as it struck the man walking on the sidewalk. There was a horrible screeching as the driver tried to apply the breaks, combined with a short scream and an unsettling crunch.

She tried to close her eyes or look away, but she couldn’t.

The car drove off down the road without even slowing down, leaving the man on the pavement in a bloody heap.

“You see that car?” he said, skin milky-white in the light of the moon.

She nodded.

“That was you driving,” he said calmly. “In about twenty minutes, that same car will strike a tree, ejecting you through the windshield.”

She looked at him with a growing sense of horror. “You mean I’m… dead?”

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