Don't Eat the Fruit

“Well this is just fabulous!” complains Sir Damien.
I want fabulous! That is my simple request, all things fabulous! Bigger and better and be…
“Aurora, stop singing!!!”
Now if you remember, our friends are on a dangerous journey to a dangerous land. They have just picked up a Croatian man who seems to have a thing for Sir Damien. Creepy, I know.
“Are we there yet!?”
NO, Quinn! Will you stop asking!”
“What’s with you mister grumpy pants?”
Sir Damien stops his horse and glares at Quinn. “Oh nothing! Just that I have a creepy Croatian man riding on my horse with me, my stomach has been growling for the last three hours, and you continue to be your annoying self!”
“Gdje je zahod?”
“What’d he say?”
“I have no clue.”
“Hey look!”
Sir Gavin is pointing to a large tree on the side of the road. It is has purple fruits and a large wooden sign next to it. As they get closer, they see what the signs says.
Warning! Do not, I repeat, do not eat this fruit.
“Mmm, yummmy!”
“Sir Gavin, NO!”

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