Pieces Fall into Place

“Well, your mother and I can’t have our own babies,” Dad finished. I looked at both of them, something began to click, but I pushed it away

“We wanted to have children, so we adopted Laney.”
“WHAT?!” Laney exclaimed. “I look just like you!”
“Calm down. Your mother had a sister who died in a car crash, remember?”
“Aunt Elaine.”
“She left you behind, and we changed your name in memory of your mother.”
“Oh. So I’m really your niece?”
“Yes. And you needed a little sister. We wanted two girls, anyway,” Dad continued the story.
“So we went to an Agency near where we lived that didn’t ask for much money. When we saw Devon, we just knew,” finished Mom.
“I’m adopted?!” Devon caught on.
“The mommy and daddy who made you couldn’t care for you, so we did. We are very real. We are your parents,” explained Dad.
“Then that man is my….” Devon’s eyes went glassy.
“The daddy who made you, but couldn’t care for you,” supplied Dad.
“He wants me back? That’s why we went to court?”
“Yes, and that place on TV? We got you there.”

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