As my head hit the pillow, I worried I wouldn’t be able to sleep, but my fears were unfounded. I fell into a deep and dreamless sleep and didn’t wake up until my alarm went off at 9 AM.

I lay in bed for a few minutes after waking up, luxuriating in the crisp feel of the sheets and basking in the early morning sunshine that crept through my window. I’d forgotten to draw the shades last night and I could see that it was the beginning of a beautiful day outside.

I took more time with my hair and makeup than usual, wanting to look pretty. As I applied a deep burgundy shade of lipstick, I wondered when I’d last even worn lipstick. I couldn’t remember.

At five minutes to ten, I walked down the stairs. It being a Sunday morning, not many people were in the lobby. As I reached the last step, I saw him. He was seated on one of the sofas reading the paper. He wore gray slacks and a blue button-down shirt. I was glad I’d decided to wear a skirt instead of jeans.

I walked up to him and said, “Bonjour, Sebastian.”

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