The Oracle.

A prophet’s job is never done.
The people kept crowding all around him, bombarding him with inane questions. “O Great Oracle,” they all said, “tell us our future! Help us with our problems! Let us know everything you do!” Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore.
“BACK OFF !” he yelled, his deep voice reverberating in the large sphere he called his ‘home.’ “I NEED … SOME TIME … ALONE .”
The people were repulsed at his actions. Finally, Virginia came up and cleared everyone away. “Alright, everybody, you heard the Oracle. Leave him alone… he’s somewhat human, too.”
When everyone had finally backed up, Virginia knocked on the glass.
He looked at her big eyes, not staring at him as if he were some sort of freak, but looking at him genuinely as a friend. “Don’t tap on the glass.. It makes me feel like a fish,” he said, ashamed of his outburst.
She smiled that perfect smile. “It’s okay. Everyone needs to be alone sometimes,” she said, walking away.
He stared after her, not wanting her to leave. “Wait…”

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