The Case of the Missing Loafers [1980's Arcade Game Challenge]

Master chef Pierre Pepper began his rigorous morning preparations: chop lettuce, slice tomatoes, prepare buns for toasting, and clean his penny loafers. It was his special shoes that made all the difference. No ordinary footwear would do. Over the years, he had tried everything, from Chuck Taylors to Air Jordans to Reebok Pumps. Each added their own zest, but everything else paled in comparison to the spice added from walking on the burgers with his loafers. Pierre had never told anyone about this secret ingredient.

“Where are my loafers,” though Mr. Pepper.
“I thought I left them where I always do, behind the deep-fryer.”
Yet, they were nowhere to be seen.
Pierre, began to worry. The Burger-Time was to open in one hour. He frantically ran around the restaurant, searching every nook and cranny, climbing every ladder, but they were nowhere to be found.
“Who could have taken them? Mr. Egg? Mr. Hotdog? Mr. Pickle?”
Who ever it was, he’d need to figure it out soon… Or consider a career change…

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