A Familiar Voice (A New Life)

I closed my eyes concentrating all my will on survival. Foot steps. A familiar voice. “You broke your promise, Nathaniel.”

“Amanda?!” I blurted out.

“Don’t kill him just yet, Paulo. I want him to know his fatal mistake.”

“Amanda?!” I repeated desparately.

“Hey, like you didn’t think it was odd that I showed up at the exact moment you needed help? And then like had all the answers?”

“But you were Joshua’s friend!?”

“Paulo here gave me enough information on your brother to create the entire scenario. From the forged handwriting on the picture, to the hidden manual you and I used to plan our coup.”

“You didn’t know…Joshua?”

“Enough, Amanda!” Paulo shouted. “Mr. Gray, your adventure is -“

Before Paulo could finish his thought, Amanda had drawn her weapon and fired at him. Stunned, he dropped to his knees. “Paulo, Paulo, Paulo. You always have to rush things.” She raised her gun, his head in her sights. “For that reason, Paulo, your reign has ended.”

“Amanda?!” I cried out.

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