Extra! Extra!


The news has been spreading as if a virus within our teacher’s conversation – the School Board has agreed upon banning math classes. In this busy world filled with all sorts of arithmatic problems, it’s a wonder why they this has happened. Are schools spending too much time on math instead of subjects like writing, music, art, or even gym?

“I think it might be because of the whole ‘Unfit Youth’ thing. Maybe kids or teens in school are just becoming fat, so we’re adding more gym?” Theorizes classmate Lauren Smith.

When were the students going to be notified of this? Certainly we weren’t going to be unaware of this for long. Mr. Juloif, our principal, says, “It was set that a letter was going to be sent out April 5-6, the new schedule to take effect on the 7th. The letter sent would contain all the information, along with a new schedule for each student.” When asked about why Math was banned in the first place, he simply laughed.

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