Dust and Dirt

She went with them; past the trees, over the fence, down the dirt path, and into their own hideaway. They had taken her hand, and although Jay had no reason in her head to resist, there would have been no way to release herself from their grasp.

They were taking her somewhere different, somewhere spectacular and out of the ordinary. She was curious, confused, and out of her mind. There seemed at that moment to be no doubt in her mind as she stumbled and jogged to keep up with the pace of the little pixies.

However, the glow of their wings and eyes and hair was enough to know where to go. They weren’t planning on releasing her; they knew that, and she knew that. It didn’t cross her mind more than once, then, and she didn’t struggle with the thought. She was ready, and she needed a change.

Jay Glen was going on a different type of adventure, and it was nothing compared to that of daily life. There would be no school, no job interview, no work, no college application. It was something completely crazy..

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