Something In His Eyes (A New Life)

It had been her idea to cut the power. She thought it would take the clones longer to find their fallen leader. She skillfully guided me through the twists and turns of the palatial estate, navigating the many hallways that made up the complex. I felt like a lab rat learning a new maze.

Amanda laughed as I bumped into her. “Try not to follow quite so closely.â€?

“It’s easy for you. You know where we’re going.â€?

Down another staircase, through another winding hallway, we finally reached the disciplinary ward. “If you didn’t know Joshua, why are you helping me?â€? I finally asked.

“It’s true what I said. I didn’t know your brother, but when I met you, I have to admit, I was intrigued. I have to warn you, though: this is going to be a bit of a shock.”

She opened the door. Something in his eyes told me I was staring at a monster.

“Amanda,” Joshua said, but it was an order. Before I could react, the syringe had pierced my skin. She released its contents and I staggered, fighting to maintain consciousness…

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