It's Not That Hard To Be A Friend

I stared at Emily. “You’d do that?”
“Of course I would.” Emily said. “And I will.”
She marched right up to the hair stylist and asked her to dye her hair hot pink. The stylist was shocked. “All of it?”
“Yes, all of it.” Emily said, firmly.
“Emily, you don’t have to do this.” I protested.
Emily ignored me. “Is that the brightest that you have?”
“Yes.” the stylist replied, looking at Emily as if she had two heads.
After the stylist finished with Emily’s hair, she came up to me proud and smiling. “It’s nothing compared to your hair, but-”
I hugged her, hard. “Emily! I can’t believe you would do that for me! Thank you so much!”
“Wes, its just hair. You’re welcome.”
We walked back out to the car together. When the Jonas Brothers saw us coming all three of their jaws dropped simultaneously. “Emily…?” Nick trailed off.
“I just felt like I needed a change.” Emily grinned.
Kevin and Joe smiled at each other in the backseat.
I started the car and turned on my radio,Hold On blasted out of the speakers.

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