The Downward Spiral of No Abandon

He hated his job.

If you could even call it that.

It was more like a life-hierarchical-position. He had no choice in the matter.

The people wanted an oracle for their century, and unfortunately for Shein, they found one.

It all started when he told his immensely money-deprived father about a strange dream he had about his little sister being eaten alive by scarabs. He needed comfort, and his father was the only one around.

His father just dismissed him, waving it off as another figment of Shein’s exceptionally large imagination.

That is, until his sister didn’t come home that afternoon from her friend’s house. Or that night, or that morning, or the next night.

Everything went downhill from there. Father told teacher, teacher told priest, priest told high priest, high priest came on white horse to fetch Shein for training.

Well, there was one thing that Shein was glad of. One person he would have never known. And right now, he just wanted one thing in the world. Some quiet time to talk with her.

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