The Discussion

“We MUST , We MUST , We MUST !”
“I’m sorry sir, but i just dont see how we are going to do it!”
“Somehow, i dont care how, but we will capture that stuoid Orange Princess of Ninja Slapfu and Stealthiness or whatever her fricken’ name is! We will suceed too!”
“well capturing her friends didnt prove all that well. It took her, like, 5 minutes to get them out.”
“It was 7 okay!”
“Jeez sorry sir, i was stating the obvious.”
“I know but we will capture her!”
“gee, it must be nice living in Neverland, maybe i’ll visit sometime when i get a break from reality.”
“Oh shut up Vanilla Latte!”
“whatever you say boss.”
“good” and with that, the Jealous Prince of Wannabe skillfullness turned and stormed out of the kitchen.

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