The Canvas of Nature (Places of My Mind Catena)

My anxious mindset is back to stay,
for I am without you once again.
Now as I advance to my welcome, lonely state,
the panic starts to rise quicker than before.
As fascinating as they are,
my surroundings fail to distract me.

The sun stands bright and undisturbed in the cloudless sky,
who’s shade, a delicate blue, seems to mock what I have lost.
An intricate, complex design is woven by branches against the heavens,
artistically depicting the inner workings of my mind.
Curiously I listen to the murmurs of the wind,
speaking secrets of my thoughts that even I am yet to know.
This very breeze stirs the fallen leaves,
and they proceed to drag as slowly as a weary soul travels.

Here I wait for your return,
and eternity away.
I turn back to my peaceful sights,
breathing deeply so as to repress the rush.
It never fails to amaze me, this beautiful display,
the canvas of nature upon which every aspect of life resides.

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