Slipping Away

It was Wednesday and the days were slipping away from me. As I stood in line to enter the Louvre, I thought about what I’d be doing a week from today. I’d be in the middle of class, taking notes on the Tudors and Queen Elizabeth’s influence on Spenser’s writing. What would Sebastian be doing? He’d probably be getting out of work, going dancing. Maybe with some other girl.

A tear splashed onto my sleeve. The girl who took my money and gave me my ticket looked at me with concern. I smiled at her. “I’m OK,” I said, feeling ridiculous.

I ducked quickly into the museum.

Come on, enjoy the time you have left, make the most of it. You knew what you were getting into when you let him into your life.

But I never thought I’d feel this way!

Stop whining, you’re an adult, not a child.

“But I love him!”

I’d said the last part out loud, startling an old man in a gray beret who was walking next to me. He stared at me curiously and began walking faster.

I sighed. Great, I must be really going crazy now.

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