A Little Bit Longer

When we arrived back at the hotel, Mrs. Jonas was on the phone. She registered surprise at Emily’s new hairdo but her voice didn’t change. She hung up the phone and smiled at Emily.
“Well Emily.” Mrs. Jonas smiled. “It looks like your stuck with us for awhile longer.”
“Really?” Nick asked, excited by the prospect of having normal people around longer.
“Yes, Mrs. Rice told me that a cousin of yours passed away in Italy. He left your family some items and they have to fly to Italy to settle the will.” Mrs. Jonas said.
“Oh, wow.” said Emily, in a small state of shock.
“I convinced your parents to leave you with us. I think you and Wes are good for the boys to have around.” Mrs. Jonas said.
“Aww, thanks Mrs. Jonas.” I said.
“You’re welcome. You guys should get ready, we have to start out for Florida in two hours!”
“Yes!” the boys exclaimed. “Beach time!”
Mrs. Jonas rolled her eyes and left the room.
“Hey, I only have winter clothes!” I protested.
“Pshh!” Joe says. “Don’t worry about that. Get ready!”

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