Called In Dead

This is wonderful! Just wonderful! My boss is upset because I’m not at work. And do you know why I’m not at work?
It’s because I’m dead! I used all my sick days so I called in dead. I shouldn’t have even been able to do that. I mean dead people shouldn’t have any effect on the tangible world!

“That’s ridiclous, Parker!” the boss bellowed.
But it’s true. I said angrily. Maybe you can save me.
“Even if that was true why would I want to save a slacker like you?”
I paused unsure of what to say.
Because- because. I stuttered and then began to cry.
What if you were in this situation? I smiled, there was a chance that deep, deep down my boss would have some sympathy.
“Get a life.” said my boss as he hung up the phone
That’s the problem. I thought. I don’t have one.
I walked through my apartment wall,Only to find a noisy-no good-neighbor watching a movie.
Hey wait. I thought. I know that movie, He’s watching ghost busters! I said a little too loudly.
“Who’s there?” the neighbor said.

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