Walking Down the Hall

Behind the door was a long hallway. Kamaria quickly walked through and caught up with Aedin.
“Why won’t anyone explain to me what’s going on? Why couldn’t Melanie tell me what’s wrong with being a Halfing?”
“Because that’s wasn’t her job to do. Her job was to wait until you woke up.”
“So does she know what’s going on?”
“Well, not everything. She’s kind of like my accomplice so she knows a bit, but not everything.”
“Well, are you going to explain anytime soon?”
“I suppose.”
They walked in silence for a few moments down the dark hall. Finally Kamaria spoke again.
“I thought you could read minds?”
“Oh, sorry. Most vampires can, but it’s limited for some. It’s complicated. I’m not currently reading your thoughts, so ask your questions out loud.”
“Why can’t I read minds?”
“Well, you’re only half vampire. I not exactly sure of the extent of your abilities as a Halfing.”
They reached the end of the hall. Aedin opened the door.

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