Third Grade

Bowling ended too soon. Even if they had played 4 games and it had taken two and a half hours. Neither Ashley or Cameron wanted to go home.

“I’m hungry.” Ashley didn’t even realize she had said that outloud. You could tell she was getting comfortable around Cameron… and they had only known each other for basically a day.

“So lets go get something to eat. Where do you want to go?” Cameron had kind of run out of money, but he would make this work somehow, he had to. He needed to spend more time with Ashley.

“Okay, only if you agree to let me pay.” Ashley thought Cameron had spent enough money for one day.

“Haha, usually I wouldn’t agree to that but… I’ll make an exception today.” Cameron stuck his tongue out at Ashley.

Crap. Did he seriously just stick his tongue out at Ashley. How third grade.

Ashley stuck her tongue out right back at him.

Hey, third grade was an amazing year…

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