I finally busted down the door. Tyler was sitting there covered in vomit and waste, looking confused. He looked over and widened his eyes like I was some kind of F-ed up deity.
Before I could even say anything, the walls glowed blue.
What the-
I jumped back as I felt a tingling shock in my leg. In only seconds, I saw Tyler’s body jerk uncontrollably as I felt a wave of discharged energy pass through the walls. Then, a flash of white with streaks of blue, Tyler lay motionless on the concrete floor.
I rushed in, and felt his pulse…......nothing.
I tried CPR , resuscitation, everything I knew. Still nothing. He was dead, a mere sacrifice to these people.
“NO!!!!” I cried out, my voice echoing through the walls.
I could hear more CPs coming, probably ready to kill.
This is horrible!! I could have prevented this!!!
As tears streamed down my cheeks, an idea struck me.
I can prevent this!

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