it was weird to be with her best friend.the one i trusted.
she was a vampire
i had always thought that vampires were fictional.they were part of my imagination, in the books i read and loved.i had always thought that i wanted to know a vampire but now i that i did know one, i was scared.i had a good idea what she could do but i wasnt afraid of that.
i was afraid of what she wasnt.she wasnt human anymore.she wasnt the person i had wanted her to be.
as she watched the emtions roll across my face, she furrowed her brow and barred her shiny, pointy teeth.
this concerned me and i took a step back.when she turned around and backed up, i was even more surprised
i didnt understand so i just watched.i saw some leaves rustling and my body grew tense.what i saw next would forever be burned into my mind.
it had 4 legs and was very slowly approached us and i soon felt the heat rolling off of its body.
those beady red eyes pierced holes through my body and then it attacked.

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