My mind drifted in between consciousness and blackness, checking in and out like a hotel customer. Small sparks of electricity still seemed to be flowing through my brain, bringing seconds of incredibly clear vision and then darkness the next.



Then unbelievable sorrow.

Then energy.

Then weak as a kitten.

“Dude, you’re going bi-polar on me,” Max said, dragging my limp form along on the steel floor. “Not the time…”

“I can’t help it.” At least, that’s what I tried to say. I think it came out more like, “Gmmfummmmwubvvableghblegh.”

Max nodded. How understanding.

Whenever we came to a series of Plasmen or CPs, he would slow time and smash a few heads – or reverse it and simply take another path. I had to admit, that new power was pretty cool. Well, seeing as it did save me from death, but still.

Fzzz – zz..

I must’ve had another brain lapse, because when I woke up, we were surrounded by CPs, Max tightening his grip on my wrist as I hung like a rag doll.

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