A tepid foray into Nerdcore

Asked myself this morning, what kind of geek am I?
I can’t recite pi, and I’ve never rolled a D9.
Never watched an entire single episode of B5.
And despite intentions, I haven’t yet watched The Princess Bride.
Star Wars Trilogy? Only seen the special editions.
Han shot first, you say? Wow, I don’t know what I’m missing.
And suspicion in your mind as to whether I’ve faced a Grue
Can be allayed right now – No, but I one day plan to.
But I think I can prove that I have some geek credentials.
Completed every Monkey Island game. Come on, that shit’s essential!
I expect you to expect me to be a fan of Doctor Who,
But I like Red Dwarf, Quantum Leap, Sliders, and Spaced too.
And it’s cool if I choose to sit at my PC playing old arcade games,
My parents are to blame for that obsession for which I bare no shame.
And if I say that you’ve got red on you, would you know of what I speak?
I may not tick all the boxes, but I’m definitely a geek.

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