The Good Little Wolf, Two Dogs, and a Cheese Shop

The Good Little Wolf continued his walk and ate the ham sandwich his big bad uncle had given him. He met two dogs: Betsy the hound, and Emma the sheepdog. They were friendly toward the little wolf, unlike the pigs he had met earlier in the day. They said that they were on their way to the cheese shop, and asked him to come with them. So he did.
When they got to the cheese shop, Betsy said, “The cheese smells great. It makes me want to run into the shop and steal some.”
“That would be bad!” protested the wolf. But he couldn’t stop himself adding, “But it sounds like fun. And that cheese… yum!”
Emma was also sniffing the air. “Some of that cheese is made from sheep milk. I know, because I used to chase sheep.”
“Why did you chase the sheep?” asked the wolf.
“To move them to where they’d be safe from… I mean, just to tease the sheep.”
“That’s bad, if the sheep didn’t want to be chased. But what fun it would be! Well… I’ve had fun with you guys, but I think I need to talk to my uncle again.”

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