2. Reversion

Firmware flashbake always felt like an icebath. Versionleak washed over her nervous system and there was a flash of blank blue-grey as the cartorid
constriction pulsed three times to indicate errors had occurred. Meghan cursed herself for not selecting verbose output. There was a blast of zeros in her
ears, white noise in a constricting cube. Then silence. She picked herself off the floor an hour later. Thank $DEITY for autoReversionEnabled=YES; She
dropped the ring in the trash, movements jerky as the alignment of the synaptisynth chip relearned the rates. So much for macro-actions. Beta spine-ware was hell and, what’s worse, something tasted chartuse. She fumbled around for a sim and link conversion cable she had made earlier, jacked the Motorola to her spine, and forged the connection. Online, she slotted up for cycles and dialed, fine motor skills tuning back to optimal. Codero would know why the upgrade failed. He wrote the stupid thing, after all.

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