The Good Little Wolf Considers Badness

For the second time that day, the Good Little Wolf knocked at his uncle’s door. “Big Bad Uncle, talk some more?”
“Of course, that’s what an uncle’s for,” was the reply from the Big Bad Wolf as he let his nephew in. “What’s on your mind?”
“Since I left you, I… well, first I ate the ham sandwich you gave me, and it was great. Thank you. Then I met two dogs, Betsy and Emma. We went to a cheese shop. They talked about stealing cheese and chasing sheep.”
The Big Bad Wolf leaned eagerly forward, “What did you think when they talked about those delightful things?”
“Well, uncle, I know that they are bad things. But at the same time, they sounded like a lot of fun.”
“They are fun, take it from one who knows well.” The Big Bad Wolf smiled so hard that his face seemed to consist mainly of teeth. Seeing that his nephew was frowning, rather than smiling, he added, “It must be hard to be a good wolf with bad thoughts.”
“Yes it is. Perhaps a nap will help.” And with that, the Good Little Wolf set off home.

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