Dear Diary Sleepover

Dear Diary,
Gotta write fast, I’m hiding in the bath of Jenna’s bathroom at her sleepover. We’re doing all these things and I have NO IDEA what to do! There was this thing that looked really weird and they told me to use it and I said it wouldn’t work (I didn’t know how to make it work!) and they said to just squeeze the two handles, so I did. Apparently it’s an “eyelash curler” and it is essential to my survival.
When I took the bus home with Missy, I showed her what I was going to wear and I thought she was going to drop dead. She said that if I wanted Jenna to like me then I’d have to wear this, and by this she meant a hot pink cami and black REALLY SHORT shorts, that had a hot pink “Don’t Cha” written across the butt. They actually looked okay on me, I wasn’t completely fond of the pink, though.
I think next we’re going to be painting our nails. I’m nervo—

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