No More Running

Anna was just pulling herself to her feet when we heard a huge rumble come from underneath the ground. Suddenly the ground to our left exploded in a shower of dirt. A huge Thing, was emerging from the ground, it looked like a huge animal but was almost entirely black. I knew instinctively it was one of Them.
“How did that get in here?!” Dailey cried, grabbing Anna and starting to run. Angela and I followed suit.
The Thing caught sight of us and started to give chase. Suddenly Anna stopped dead and turned around. “What is wrong with you?”
“I’m tired of running.” she said through gritted teeth.
“Anna, are you crazy?? Go!” I tried to pull her away.
She didn’t move. Then I realized her eyes were glowing and when I touched her she was burning up. I stepped away from her in shock.
Suddenly the Thing chasing us stopped, and then exploded into thousands of glittering pieces.
Dailey stared at Anna in awe. “She’s more powerful then I thought.”
Anna fainted and Dailey and I lept forward to catch her.

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