Shakespeare Academy: Wake Up Call

i looked up to see Lysander standing over me.
“uh, suuuurre.”
“Thanks!” He said with a lop-sided grin. He sat down and started fiddling with his fork and his “mashed potatoes”. I took his silence as an okay to eat so i picked up my fork and was just about to place the forkful of food in my mouth, when he blurted:
“I need your help to help me ask Hermia to homecoming!”
CLANK ! CRASH! BOOM ! you know all of these are really cool noises, but they weren’t the ones my fork made as it hit my tray. it was more of like a TING ! pathetic little fork.
“You me to do what?”
“Help me ask Hermia to the Homecoming dance.”
he shifted his glance to look at me. It must not have been a pretty sight. I mean, my mouth was open and everything!
“You like Hermia?!?!?” why didnt i know this?

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