Raining Cats and Dogs ("What If" Challenge)

Thump, meow. thump, woof. Slice, merooow.

The man looked up from his paper with that last sound. It sounded like one of the cats landed of the spiked weather vane. He’ll have to clean that mess up in the morning.

They had forecasted that today would be a mild day. Only small Bombays and Chihuahuas. With the new housing standards this was not a big deal. The small breeds only got messy when they landed on spiked objects, or broke windows.

When it is a heavy day, raining bobcats and Great Danes, then you have more damage. You have to make sure your cars are in, or your insurance rates would go up. A lot of times schools and offices are closed on those days.

Though, even with the small breeds, if people don’t bring the proper gear when they go outside, your would hear about the injuries on the news.

He went to back to reading his paper, and continued to listen to the sound of falling cats and dogs. It was always a peaceful sound of cats and dogs landing on your roof.

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