How To Trespass Safely On A Witch's Lawn (Awesomeness Contest)

“Guys, I really don’t think we should be…”

“ALEXA! Chill! It’s not like we’re doing anything BAD !” Trenista screamed in her very cartoony dwarf voice.

“Uh, did it ever occur to you that we’re trespassing?” boomed Rynainai. She stood up for Alexa when she needed to. Or, stood up as high as she could. She had been put under a minimizing spell by her evil twin sister/witch, Ianianyr. Unfortunately, she had kept her booming, low voice.

“Uh, we’re going on an evil, uh, witch’s, uh, territory!” stuttered Alexa. She was the only normal one of the bunch.

“ZOMG! Okay, like, Alexa and Rynainai, you guys have to, like, chill, okay?”

That was Jorge, Trenista’s boyfriend. He was questionable, and he never disagreed with her.

“Hey, look!” Rynainai pointed at a unicorn. “It’s a unicorn! It’s pretty!”

Trenista smacked her forehead (with Jorge following suit and also smacking his forehead), and she walked right into a hinckleberry bush. Or, at least, it had looked like she had run into it.

“Hey, guys! LOOK !”

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