Full Circle (Part 1)

The assassin was well hidden. His target would be in sight soon. No one would even know the ramifications for years to come. At this point in time the target was on the path to become president.

The target’s main selling point was to heal the country and clean up the government. This, the assassin knew, just like everyone else. What he also he knew was that this man would be killed, by him in a few seconds.

From that single event, the country would go into chaos. People would claim a cover-up. Those in government would accuse each other. Somehow from there it would escalate, and the government would split. The military tried to remain neutral, but when they did break down and tried to intervene, matters became worse. This led to a civil war.

The civil war would bring in other countries. The fighting would spread quickly across the world. As with any war, inventions improved. Science took leaps, yet the devastation increased. When the fighting stopped, much of the planet was in ruins.

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