Full Circle (Part 2)

The new science aided to improve life after the war. One invention was time travel. They started to study the past, to get a better understanding of history. Different projects were started, then Project B094 began. They started to investigate the assassination.

At the same time another group of historians started to study it as well. When they pulled from the archives the assassin’s rifle, it was engraved with the code B094 on it.Those involved in the project recognized they had caused the assassination.

In addition, they found in a hidden compartment on the rifle a note and piece of skin. The note said DNA Sample. The scientists put the DNA sample into the a data bank of everyone’s DNA . There was no match. Newborns had their DNA was added to the system. Until one day a child was born who was a perfect match.

The child was isolated and raised to be an assassin. From that point on, his whole life was focused on that one item. Outside the project people stared to debate this course of action.

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