Girl Power

Almost the moment we got there we hit the beach. I was in a turquoise tankini thats top ended just above my bellybutton. Emily was in a black one piece.
“Last one in the water sucks at guitar!” Emily cried, running down the beach.
“Hey! Not fair!” Nick cried, running after her. He was closely followed by Kevin, Joe and I.
Joe was running right beside me. “You will never defeat me!” he cried, dramatically.
“On the contrary, my dear Joe!” I said, maniacally. “But I will.”
“Never!” he cried, turning Joe grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder.
“Hey!” I yelled, banging my fists on his back. “That’s cheating!”
“Oh contraire, Wesley! This is just me using my manliness to my advantage!” Joe laughed, then dumped me in the water.
I came up sputtering, Nick and Kevin laughing at me. “Hey! I am so gonna have my revenge!”
Emily laughed. “Allow me, Wes.” She splashed Joe from behind.
“Hey two against one! That’s cheating!” Joe cried.
“Oh contraire, Joe! This is using our girliness to our advantage!”

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