All roads lead to Steakxas

Sir Ronald had never been beaten with a hairbrush before. The perfect battle weapon. Too bad he couldn’t bring Cindy herself; if only she weren’t a lady-girl, she would make an excellent knight. She was deadly accurate.

Cindy was at the controls. She did not look happy about something.

“Do you require my assistance, lady?” Sir Ronald inquired.

Cindy glowered at him. “You just shut up for a second. Now, here’s the problem: we’re about ten miles out from Steakxas, and the Dragonhome’s displays are starting to go out. I think there is some sort of signal coming from Steakxas that is shorting out the Dragonhome. I think we’re going to have to turn around. Lionel, did you hear me?”

There was a jarring impact. Lionel’s voice boomed out, loud and menacing, “Too late! We’re here! Time to kill!”

Cindy exchanged an anxious look with Sir Ronald, then shrugged her shoulders and began to climb towards Lionel’s esophagus. Sir Ronald hesitated, then drew his sword and followed her. The show must go on.

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