Where's Nick?

“Kevin, I need backup!” Joe called as Wes and I splashed him. Kevin came over, grabbed my by my hair, and pulled me under the water. I grabbed his hand and pulled it from my hair, quickly coming back up for breath. “Kevin!” I screamed. He and Joe broke down laughing. “That’s it! I’m not talking to you any more!” I joked.

“Where’s Nick?” I asked, looking around. All of a sudden I felt a cold splash of water on my back. I turned around and saw Nick laughing.

“Nick,” I told him, “and I thought you were the good brother.”I tackled him, causing him to fall backwards into the ocean. He sprang back up and continued splashing me. “Ah! Stop!” I yelled and laughed at the same time. I backed into Wes, causing her to stumble.

“Okay! I’m geting out. Somebody’s gonna get hurt,” Joe jokingly told us. “Besides,” he added, “I’m hungry!”

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