Garreth, I miss you

Like a summers day, I’ll miss you, I don’t want to say goodbye, like the summer days ,I’ll miss you , seasons change but we must try, how can I forget, I’ll miss you”, I heard myself singing a song by Nana Mouskouri.
I thought of how we fought over your choice of a new friend and felt left out of your life. I was there for you when you were without a friend as was I.

I sang the song and changed some of the words to fit how I felt about what was happening in our friendship, how we both let it slip and slide, I blamed you and you blamed me, we both said things we didn’t mean.

“I don’t want to say goodbye”, I sang again to the top of my lungs. How could I ever forget you, though I feel left behind, not needed anymore.

And so neither of us said the words, but we knew the end was neigh.
I kept hoping you would call, but you had outgrown me I suppose. Like the summers days, I’ll miss you, I knew that I had tried, how could I forget you, I’ll miss you.
My Forever friend, I won’t have to miss you.

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