Wake Me Up When September Ends (Music Challange)

The alarm rang through the room, the sound pounding his head. There was a stain on the celing. He reould should get around to cleaning that. He rolled on his side, scrunching the pillow under his head. That day was something he could not get his mind to forget, but he wished with all his might that his memory could just rest. The fall college semester would be starting soon. Summer had passed in such a blur. They all had. So this was to be his life. Every summer, for seven years, he began to feel this pain. The loss of such innocent people. He would always be drenched in that pain. He had tried so hard tosave them, but his efforts wre usless. Many died that day. To him, it was the day America died, as he knew it. He reached over and punched the snooze button. Just wake me up when September ends.

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