Coffee Shop

The morning began just as it always had. He stepped into the little coffee shop and sat down at the same table as he did everyday.
He took a sip of his espresso, and set his laptop on the smooth black table. The tantalizing aroma of coffee beans and the warmth from the cozy little fireplace in the back gave the coffee shop a charming feel.
The bells above the door jingled as a new customer walked in. Her long, brown hair blew wildly across her face as the cold, winter wind followed her in through the door. The girl glanced around uneasily, and she seemed awkward and out of place. She’d never been into a coffee shop like this.
He took another sip of his espresso. He watched the girl order a mocha latte and walk towards the table behind him. He glanced back down real nonchalantly, and pretended he hadn’t noticed her. As she passed him, she smiled. He turned to offer her a friendly greeting, but his arm knocked into his coffee cup and espresso went flying into the air and all over the girl’s blue skirt.

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