Who Doesn't Love Chocolate Chip Cookies?

Eat me! Eat me! We’re gooey and delicious!
He spent all day making those cookies. His wife just couldn’t say no to the stupid bake sale. She agrees to make cookies but does she have the time to actually make them? Of course not! So who gets stuck making the cookies? He does.
Don’t we smell good?
“Well, I did spend a lot of valuable time making them. I guess I could eat one.”
The soft cookie melted in his mouth, and the warm chocolate pieces dissolved into chocolaty pools of heavenly goodness.
Having rarely baked in his whole life, he burned the first batch. Then when he got the temperature just right, measured the sugar wrong. But eventually, he finally managed to make a perfect batch!
Mmm…you know you want one more…
“Okay, just one more.”
But as he quickly found out, these cookies were like Lays potato chips. You can’t eat just one. He devoured each and every last cookie.
So he grabbed his keys and did exactly what he should have done in the first place. He bought a dozen from Meijer.

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