Sword Talk

“Do you think we should mention that he ducked into that alley?” the bigger sister wondered rhetorically.

“Well, then he might find the guy, and we’d get stuck in again,” the smaller one said. “Isn’t that just like a man? Always wanting to stick his piece into whatever—”

“Would you please stop?” Nix asked. “Please? So I can get my job done?” He was already running for the alley as he spoke.

“We’ll think about it!” the smaller sister said.

“We shall take it under advisement,” the bigger sister clarified.

“Look, what is it that you two want from me?” Nix thought to them, his eyes scanning the alley for signs of his would-be victim. “Now that I have money, I’d get the spell reversed if I could find that wizard again. But he’s just up and gone.”

“We understand that, but it’s just the principle of the thing,” the bigger sister said.

“I don’t like principals,” the smaller sister said. “That’s the one good thing about being a sword—no school.”

The bigger sister made the mental sound of a put-upon sigh.

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