Nice To Have You Around

Even Joe’s brothers were looking at him like he was insane. “How can you be hungry?” Kevin asked. “We just ate half an hour ago!”
“Water, gives me an appetite.”
Emily splashed him. “We’ve been in here for less than five minutes!”
“So?” Joe said, shielding himself from more splashes. “Who’s coming with me?”
He looked at me, as if he was really asking me. “I’ll go.” I said, rolling my eyes at him.
We walked out of the water while Emily, Nick and Kevin continued to play in the water. We walked down the beach in the general direction of the boardwalk with one of the bodyguards following behind.
“I’m really glad to have you around, Wes.” Joe said. “It’s really nice to have a normal girl around that’s not screaming and telling me I’m hott.”
I laughed. “You are hot Joe and I was one of those screaming fans.”
Joe laughed too.”I know, I meant you’re easy to talk to.”
“Thanks, Joe.”
We reached a huge sand dune and Joe took my hand to help me get over it and onto the boardwalk, then we bought some fries.

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