It's Not What You Think (The Famous Jett Jackson)

It’s the famous Jett Jackson
Saving is the game, and Silverstone is the name
Secret agent status
He’s famous Jett Jackson

Immediately Karissa transitioned into the Electric Slide. Matt followed her lead.
“I love this song.” she smiled.
“Geez! Do you love every song?” Matt asked.
Karissa laughed. “No! I’m serious though! I used to watch Jett Jackson all the time!”
“What does that have to do with anything?” Matt asked, confused.
Karissa stopped dancing and stared at him. “Where was your childhood?”
“What are you talking about?” Matt asked, feeling his face get red.
“This is the Famous Jett Jackson’s theme song!” she said, looking quite shocked.
Karissa grabbed him and dragged him off the dance floor.
She has an odd habit of doing that.
They were standing next to the dessert table. “Are you trying to tell me you’ve never seen the Famous Jett Jackson?”
“Uh, I guess.”
Jordan wandered over. “What’s up?”
“He’s never seen Jett Jackson!”
“Dude, where was your childhood?!”

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