The rejection

“so i’ll see you around, everything’s been happening so fast in my life, so i actually think we should take a break as much as i’ll probably regret this as soon as i get home” Andrea says

“I understand, Do you need a ride home?”
Lucas asks

“You got a car?”
“Yeah my mom’s”
“sure why not.” Andrea says smiling.

They’re in the car and about to stop at Krissy’s house
“I don’t know how i’m supposed to face christian right now”
“I wanna go in there and beat him up so bad. But i think the best thing to do is not tell him that you know what’s going on”
Lucas suggests.

“I’ll work something out.” She says as she looks at the house then turns around to look at lucas before heading out.
Their eyes met, and it seemed like the perfect moment to lean in for a kiss, and so Lucas leans in to kiss Andrea but Andrea turns away “I’m sorry, i just can’t get myself into anything right now”
Lucas put his arms back on the steering wheel and turned away. Andrea got out of the car, and he drove away.

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