Kicked out (again?)

Andrea heads toward the door. Krissy’s mom opens the door and gives Andrea a dirty look. “How long did you say you were staying because I think it’s about time you leave, i found this in your stuff” Krissy’s mom says lifting a cigarette

“That’s not mine, i don’t smoke”
“Of course you’re denying it.”

Krissy walks in through the door, “What’s going on here?”
Her mom lifts the cigarette once again.
Krissy looks at Andrea in fear. “I was just telling your friend over here that her visit is over, and she needs to go back to her house. I don’t tolerate this kind of behavior”
Krissy looks at Andrea again, her eyes questioned Andrea whether she should tell or not.
Andrea nodded. “Yeah, it’s mine, i’ll be packing my stuff upstairs and i’ll be gone in 10 minutes”

Krissy’s mom nods in acceptence and walks toward the kitchen

“I’m sorry” Krissy whispers.
“It’s okay, you took me in for more than i expected.”
They both head upstairs and start packing her stuff and soon enough they were both downstairs.

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