My, what a large vet bill you've amassed!

But when the good little wolf got to his uncle’s house, there was nobody at home. The good little wolf waited and waited, but just when he was ready to leave, a cab appeared and his uncle gingerly got out.

“My, uncle! What a big bandage you have on your belly!” yelped the good little wolf.

“My, you call this a tip, you cheap jerk!” yelled the cab driver.

“Hey, you knew I was a bad wolf when you picked me up, pal!” uncle growled into the front passenger side window. “And what big teeth I have!” he snarled, and the cab’s wheels screamed as the cab jerked and spun away.

“Uncle, why did the driver call you a f-”

“Never mind, little wolf! If my sister hears you saying those words, she will nip my tail and bite my paws, and I am too tired to deal. Your uncle has had a bad day.”

“What happened, uncle?”

“Let us just say that you should stay away from that little old lady who’s always being visited by her granddaughter, the one with the cherry-red cloak. Also, stay away from lumberjacks.”

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