Stuck in the middle with you

Shim looked out the portal once light realigned into something the brain could understand.
Is this the world we created…?
“Like I always say,” Creed chuckled perversely, “it’s a hard life.
“Hard I can handle,” Shim sighed. “But this…”
“Well, tear it up. Start over. Maybe…”
What he lacked in conviction he made up for in resignation. There really was nothing for it. Their time was up and the only thing lower than the energy supplies were the food stores. As that sank in the Bragearthrick Company ship popped into space above them.
“Screw ‘em!” Shim put the ship into a dive.
“What are we going to do? Hide? Wait for the hammer to fall?” Creed yelled over the whine.
The Company didn’t want them to have even those choices. The captain of the ship loosed one rocket, waited for the explosion, but not to confirm his kill.
On the surface Shim stared, incredulous that the only thing intact outside of the landing pod was the company sign. She blasted it twice, knocking off both ends, leaving the middle.

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