“We already cleared it up with your parents, so this is sorta the surprise part.” I could practically hear every one of them grinning.
I know most of us take friends for granted, but if your a blind kid like myself, friends are the best. These guys never treat me like I’m blind, and even when they do, it’s actually necessary, or because they care.
“Awesome.” I grinned.
“So we’ll be getting a ride out of here right after school on Friday, the day before we go on break, so start packing now.” I heard Mike say.
“Awesome” I repeated, still grinning like an idiot.
The day slipped by while dragging the rest of the week, kicking and screaming, behind with it.
On Friday I had my baggage in Tod’s mom’s van and my best and, according to my friends, coolest looking backpack packed for the road.
I went up to Hayley.
“I’ll see yah later.” I said.
“Have fun.” She said.
I kissed her quickly.
“Love you, bye!”
I ran and dove into Tod’s van.

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