She walked by the little shack. Little shack, little shack, you are so breezy little shack. Charlotte wants the boy’s thoughts brought to her. Take her to the Psychic’s store and tell her what to do. She will convince you to buy her a laptop and you will never know what happened. Her town was so plain and boring, she never got to ride the new train that was opening that summer. She walks throughout all of Grand Avenue wishing to be twenty-one to share bottles of wine with the boy she kisses on the naked floor of a brand new condominium with a box of New York Giant Pizza and a phonograph placed carelessly like nothing matters. Pick up a piece of glass to inspect the ants that crawl right outside her window. Charlotte prefers framed old newspapers than the framed art from her local art gallery. Everything will happen one day and expect modern romance where there are boys and girls who will claim to be “in love”. She dreams right on her doorway and wonders where a doctor’s life is found inside his stethoscope.

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