Bad Girls Stay In Touch With Their Inner Teenagers

Emma moaned in frustration. So close! She supposed she could go out and find someone else, but she didn’t want to move right now.

She could feel Julie pulling Chet into position inside of her. “Wh—where are we?” Chet asked. “It’s all…warm and sticky…”

“It’s our little hiding place,” Julie said. “Now show me Mr. Happy! I think he needs a hiding place of his own, too!”

“What’re you— ohhhhh!

Then Emma gasped. She didn’t know how, but she was feeling what was going on inside her. It was like she was wired directly into the private parts of both Julie and Chet. The waves of pleasure surged over her, not quite satisfying her. If anything, they were only making her more horny. She licked her lips. She needed something else to stick in there…

She got up and opened the door suddenly—and the Joeldemon, who had been leaning against it listening, fell right into the room. Emma licked her lips. “You’ll do.”

“Oh yeah? For wha—URK!” The demon gurgled as Emma grabbed him by the throat and yanked him to the bed.

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